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DIY Vacuum Canner - parts list

Posted by Don Adams

Note: this article pairs with the DIY Vacuum Canner video.

With a few simple tools and some parts from the hardware store, you can have a working reasonably inexpensive dry canner.

The tools needed:

  • various size pipe fitting taps with correct size drill bits
  • a drill
  • a couple of adjustable wrenches.

The parts needed:

  • a pressure cooker/canner (finding a used Presto canner would be great)
  • vacuum pump
  • vacuum gauge
  • fittings - 3/8” female to 1/4” male coupling, 3/8” brass pipe connector t, 3/8” maile to 3/8” male coupling, 4 pc. brass quick connect (1/4” NPT), 3/8” full port ball valve, square head plug 3/8” MIP, brass pipe nipple 1/4” MUP x Close.
  • hose - 3ft X 3/8” air hose lead with 1/4” NPT
  • teflon tape
  • ball canning jars with rings and lids.

We went with a Presto Pressure Cooker and opted for the 23 quart (we wanted to finally get some good use out of the half gallon canning jars!).

The pump was available on Amazon.

We just happened to already have the pipe taps and drills, but these (along with teflon tape, fittings, air hose, and tools) can be found at someplace like Harbor Freight, Home Depot, or Lowes.

The only thing that may be hard to round up will be the vacuum gauge. You may find these at some automotive stores or online. Look for a gauge rated in Inches of Hg (Inches of Mercury). A top end scale of 30 inches of Hg will be needed.

When you get the pressure cooker, you will need to get rid of the existing hardware on the lid including the supplied pressure gauge. Seal up all but two openings which will need to be redrilled and resized to accommodate the new pipe fittings (basically an inlet with a hose fitting and then an outlet with a valve and the vacuum gauge inline).

You can use almost any size piping and fittings but it all has to be sized to work together. Remember to wind the teflon tape in the correct direction so that it stays in place while threading and only use 2-3 wraps of material.