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Medium mushroom We have been cultivating several varieties of gourmet mushrooms for 17 years. In this course, you'll learn all you need to know to grow your own Shiitake, Oyster, Wine-cap stropharia and other specialty mushrooms.

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Medium sun There are few things that speak more powerfully to independence than producing your own energy. Learn how to safely generate your own energy from the sun. Reduce or eliminate your dependency on the grid.
Medium simple leaf Learn how to rapidly build soil from low cost or free inputs to produce bountiful crops
Medium bee Nucs are expensive! Instead, you can catch a swarm, and benefit from the local genetics. Swarm traps or baited decoy hives are a simple and cost effective way to catch feral swarms. We'll teach you how!
Medium Have you heard about the benefits of worm compost, but are unsure how to get started? Or are you a seasoned worm compost maker, wanting to learn additional tips, skills, and options for low cost and flexible infrastructure to take your composting to the next level? This course will cover the basics of making worm compost up to a small farm or homestead level and volume. From how to create ideal conditions for worms to thrive to low cost options for all your infrastructure needs and how to build them.
Medium apple When most people think of maple syrup production, they envision a Vermont family farm, snow blanketing the ground, and vast forests of maple trees with steel buckets handing from them. They also think of all the equipment normally associated with maple syrup production (evaporators, holding tank, etc). However, making maple syrup can be done on a small scale, and is actually incredibly simple. One taste of your own maple syrup (hot off the stove) may be enough to get you hooked.