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Goat College, Part 1

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Annie Warmke will provide an overview of her philosophy for keeping goats, touching on what to look for when starting your herd, natural goat health, simple remedies for common health challenges, herbal parasite control and the general make-up of a healthy animal. She will demonstrate hoof trimming since it is a major part of goat health. The goal of this course is to gain confidence around goats.


What You’ll Learn

You'll learn the basics of how to find and keep a healthy goat plus healthy alternatives to chemical solutions to health emergencies, parasites and injuries.   

About the Instructor

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Annie Warmke

Annie Warmke is a goat herder, activist, and often serves as a consultant with individuals and communities on
how to develop sustainable practices. She teaches goat college several times a year in various
locations and is the co-founder of Women Grow Ohio.

Course Content


P360 1

Introduction: Getting Started in Goat Herding

Learn the basic list of what's needed to start out with a healthy goat herd.


P360 2

Setting up a space for feeding and emergencies

Learn the requirements for goat care including feed mixes, natural care and how to use a small space as a nursery and hospital, plus the milking room.

P360 3

Milking a Goat

Learn how to milk a goat by hand.

P360 4

Evaluation a Goat's Confirmation and Health

Learn how to identify the confirmation guides to determine whether a goat is a quality animal as well as what to look for in evaluating the health of the animal. What health records should be kept.

P360 5

Healthy Pasture

Learn what to look for in a healthy pasture. How do goats browse? How do you manage your pastures to ensure a healthy herd?

P360 6

Hoof Trimming

The basics of the proper way to trim a goat's hoof.

P360 7

Goat Massage

How to use massage to keep a goat healthy and used to being handled.

P360 8

Understanding Goat Psychology

Lessons learned in working with goats to understand how they think, which will make raising and tending goats easier.

P360 10


How to set up a barnyard area to help in managing a goat herd. Gate latches, wire gauge for fencing, paddock setup.



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