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Goat College, Part 2

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In Part 2 of her "Goat College" series, Annie shares the keys to maintaining a healthy goat herd.

About the Instructor

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Annie Warmke

Annie Warmke is a goat herder, activist, and often serves as a consultant with individuals and communities on
how to develop sustainable practices. She teaches goat college several times a year in various
locations and is the co-founder of Women Grow Ohio.

Course Content


P360 1

What To Have On Hand

Supplies to have on hand to keep the goat herd healthy and happy.

P360 2

Dealing With A Sick Goat

How to identify a sick goat and how to deal with it. Some diagnostic techniques. Learn natural remedies, resources and requirements for keeping things clean, wounds and other emergencies. Using massage to help with bloat.

P360 3

Natural Parasite Control

Learn some remedies and resources for natural control of parasites

P360 4

Addressing Mineral Deficiencies, Wounds, and Injuries

How to identify when a goat is lacking minerals and/or vitamins, and how to boast their intake. How to stop bleeding wounds and deal with other wounds.

P360 5


What supplies should to have on hand during kidding?

P360 6

Banding Male Kids

What tools to use and the process of banding young male goats to produce wethers.

P360 7

Conclusion - Part 2

Emergency information to have on hand.



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