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Growing Gourmet Mushrooms 33 minutes

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We have been cultivating several varieties of gourmet mushrooms for 17 years. In this course, you'll learn all you need to know to grow your own Shiitake, Oyster, Wine-cap stropharia and other specialty mushrooms.

What You’ll Learn

  • Experience inoculating logs
  • Demonstration of cultivation of mushrooms on stumps and beds of woodchips

What You’ll Need

About the Instructor

Medium timhensley

Tim Hensley

Tim Hensley is a horselogger, farmer, mushroom enthusiast and woodsman who has been in Berea, KY since 1988. He has been marketing their home-grown and wildcrafted mushrooms and managing their well-diversified organic farming operation for around 15 years.

Course Content

Introduction to Mushroom Cultivation

Learn the basics of growing your own gourmet mushrooms, and some foraging tips.

P360 mushroom intro

Introduction to Mushroom Cultivation

We'll talk about which species of tree are the best, the size of the logs, the sawdust spawn, and some of the tools we'll be using.

Inoculation Methods

Learn all of the inoculation methods for mushroom farming.

P360 16

Inoculation Overview

An introduction to inoculation, the trees that they do well on, and the tools we'll be using for the first method (drill and wax).

P360 19

Drill and Wax Method

We'll demonstrate the drill and wax method, the pattern and spacing, and inoculating the logs.

P360 21

Chainsaw (Kerf) Method

We'll demonstrate the chainsaw method, sealing with duct tape instead of wax (and saving us a lot of time).

P360 23

Totem Method

We'll demonstrate the totem method, which will be used for larger diameter logs.

P360 27

Growing Mushrooms On Stumps

Stumps have the potential to produce A LOT of mushrooms. Learn how!

P360 15

Growing Mushrooms in Mulch

Let's grow some tasty wine cap stropharia in mulch.


Wrapping up.

P360 4


Wrapping up our course - when to pick, and how fruiting works



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