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Living In An Earthship

This course is not yet released.

This course is currently in the editing stage. We plan to release it in April 2020. Please check back!

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Join Jay and Annie Warmke as they walks through various aspects of the techniques used in the construction of an Earthship.  Topics include, rammed-earth tire walls, bottle walls, straw bale walls, composting toilets, wet lands and more.  

About the Instructor

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Jay Warmke

Jay is co-owner of Blue Rock Station, a sustainable living center that features the first Earthship (a 2,200 square foot passive solar home constructed out of garbage) built east of the Mississippi. He is the author of numerous green technology books, including Green Technology: Principles and Practices and Solar Photovoltaic Installer Certification Guide.

Course Content


P360 earthship compost toilet

Building and Using a Composting Toilet

The basics of life at the Blue Rock Station including using a commercial composting toilet. The building is a straw bale structure built upon a rammed earth tire foundation. The composted material can be used to augment the soil for gardens.

P360 earthship composting


Become a soil farmer by composting all biodegradable materials.

P360 earthship health

Natural First Aid

How do to address simple health issues; Insect stings, dehydration, rashes, hay fever, injuries, upset stomach, cold sores, bladder infections, pain relief, sore muscles. Bach remedies.

P360 earthship laundry

Natural Laundry

Saving water, washing without soap (using magnets) or perfumes. Using clothes lines. Using grey water.

Rammed Earth Foundations

How to select, store and pound tires. Laying out the foundation. Tools required. Filling and compressing the earth in tires. Creating a solid tire. Leveling the tires. Squaring up a foundation.

P360 earthship wall repair

Earth Plastering

Building walls out of mud. Whether it is adobe, cobb, or simply slap mud on old bottles and cans – learn to construct attractive and structural walls with materials at hand. How to mix the mud plaster. Using trash to create walls.

P360 earthship water system

Water Use and Collection

Collecting water. Storing water. Drinking water filtration. Gray water systems (wetlands). Black Water treatment.