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Making Homemade Sausage

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Learn to build the proper ratio and grind meat to make your own delicious sausage at home! 

What You’ll Learn

1. How to grind meat for sausages and stuff it into natural hog casings
2. How to build your own recipes for perfect sausage
3. The best way to cook fresh sausages

What You’ll Need

1. Meat grinder, plus meat and fat 
2. Sausage stuffer
3. Salt and spices, maybe a little wine
4. Natural hog casings

Equipment used in the video: 
LEM Big Bite Grinder
Omcan 5b vertical stuffer

About the Instructor

Medium meredith leigh

Meredith Leigh

Meredith has worked as a farmer, butcher, chef, teacher, non-profit executive director, and writer, all in pursuit of sustainable food. She is the author of The Ethical Meat Handbook: A Complete Guide to Home Butchery, Charcuterie, and Cooking for the Conscious Omnivore, and the forthcoming Pure Charcuterie: The Craft & Poetry of Curing Meats at Home.

Course Content


P360 sausage intro


We'll talk about making your own fresh sausage, from building the perfect recipe and trimming the meat and fat, to grinding, stuffing, and cooking.


P360 sausage part1

Part 1

We'll talk about the components of sausage, and about building a good ratio of meat, fat, salt, and other ingredients.

P360 sausage part2

Part 2

We'll discuss how to avoid bad sausage, and mixing the ingredients

P360 sausage part3

Part 3

We'll assemble the grinder and grind the sausage, plus learn tips for creating excellent bind and texture

P360 sausage part4

Part 4

We'll learn about natural casings, and hw to use a vertical sausage stuffer, plus the proper technique for stuffing sausages

P360 sausage part5

Part 5

We'll learn how to link the sausages

P360 sausage part6

Part 6

We'll learn the best technique for cooking fresh sausages.