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Setting the Course for a Simpler Life

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Join Annie and Jay Warmke as they share how they turned a house made of clean garbage into a living
through planning and hard work, and perhaps a little luck with timing. The basics include how to create a
plan that sustains the work, various ways to create a money stream, and more.

About the Instructor

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Annie Warmke

Annie Warmke is a goat herder, activist, and often serves as a consultant with individuals and communities on
how to develop sustainable practices. She teaches goat college several times a year in various
locations and is the co-founder of Women Grow Ohio.

Course Content


P360 mloh introduction

Step-by-step ways to re-define how we live and create a simpler lifestyle.

Meet Annie and Jay Warmke, pioneers in the cultural movement to live more simply. They define the basics step-by-step for how to begin and maintain a simpler life rooted in sustainable living practices of the economics of happiness.

P360 mloh economics of happiness

Economics of Happiness

Define the basics of how to create a plan for living sustainably using all of the aspects of a simpler life. Incorporating money as a tool, not the goal, for finding happiness (contentment). Outlining the things that hold us back.

P360 mloh philosophy

Philosophy: The process to get from where you happen to be to where you want to be.

Setting goals to live more sustainably, creating a mission statement for your life, turning loose of the pursuit of money, benefits of sharing resources, living seasonally. Thanks for nothing season (a vacation from the consuming culture), annual shopping list

P360 mloh motivatorsskills

Motivators Skills

Identifying the skills and what's needed to change life; where do I learn/find what I need, what motivates me, what will I do if I have no limitations, identifying allies and adversaries, resources you haven't thought about,

P360 mloh importanceofmoney

Importance of a Business Plan

Basic things to consider for a simple business plan, measuring progress through planning and budgeting, using planning to achieve your goals, basic principles to create a plan that works.

P360 mloh healthcare

Health Care

Human and livestock health care planning, learning how to care for ourselves.

P360 mloh conclusion


How persistent will you need to be to reach your goal?



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