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Solar Power

This course is not yet released.

This course is currently in the planning stage. We plan to release it in July 2018. Please check back!

There are few things that speak more powerfully to independence than producing your own energy. Learn how to safely generate your own energy from the sun. Reduce or eliminate your dependency on the grid.

What You’ll Learn

• discuss the design decisions for your system
• sourcing materials
• step by step process to build your own system
• wiring
• inverters and storage

What You’ll Need

• Basic electrical knowledge
• Soldering Iron
• Band Saw

About the Instructor

Medium grumpyoldman

Don Adams

Don is an electrical engineer, and a popular speaker on a number of DIY topics ranging for building your own solar panels, electric car, dry canner, LED grow lights, and even creating your own batteries.

Course Content

DIY Solar Panels

An introduction to how solar cells work, types available, and how to wire them in series or parallel.

Solar System Setup

Discuss how to source materials for your system, and practical considerations in the build out.

System Installation

Learn how to position the panels, mount, and wire them.