How to Make a Basic Beer

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Jereme Zimmerman

Author of Make Mead Like A Viking

Jereme blogs and speaks regularly on fermentation, mead-making, homesteading and good eating. He is a regular contributor to various publications and websites, including New Pioneer and Backwoods Home magazines. His book Make Mead Like a Viking was published by Chelsea Green Publishing in November 2015.

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By Jereme Zimmerman

How to make grain-based mead or, if you prefer, honey-based a Viking of course.  What I’m going to cover here are the two simplest methods for the beginning brewer, but that are ...
Mead (honey wine) is one of the simplest alcoholic beverages to make. Although there are additional steps involved in creating a well-aged mead with a complex flavor profile, essentially all that is required is to add enough water to honey to bring alive the natural yeasts already present and dormant (in raw, unpasteurized honey, that is).
Brewing beer is easy. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Jereme Zimmerman discusses the simplicity of brewing beer using a basic beer-brewing kit that can be purchased from any homebrew shop, or even with equipment and ingredients you may very well already have in your kitchen. Before the modern homebrewing explosion, “farmhouse brewing” was the norm in nearly every household. Zimmerman provides tips on how to easily and affordably take up this addictive hobby, and he presents information for both beginning and intermediate brewers on using “exotic” ingredients that were once commonplace, before hops was king.