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We’re gathering an all-star cast of instructors to teach you homesteading skills

Medium daniel adams

Dan Adams

(formerly) Earthineer

Dan was the founder of Earthineer. He has been has been a speaker at the Mother Earth News Fair. Dan lives with his family in KY, where they have had large garden, raised chickens, St. Croix sheep, kept bees, tapped trees for maple syrup, built solar panels, and a host of various other geeky homesteading projects.

Medium grumpyoldman

Don Adams

Don is an electrical engineer, and a popular speaker on a number of DIY topics ranging for building your own solar panels, electric car, dry canner, LED grow lights, and even creating your own batteries.

Medium mesm2

Michael Bush

Author of The Practical Beekeeper

Michael Bush is one of the leading proponents of treatment free beekeeping. He has been keeping bees since the mid 70’s, usually from two to seven hives up until the year 2000. Varroa forced more experimentation which required more hives and the number has grown steadily over the years from then. By 2008 it was about 200 hives. He is active on many of the Beekeeping forums with last count at more than 50,000 posts between all of them.

Medium jackieclay

Jackie Clay

Author of Growing and Canning Your Own Food, Jackie Clay's Pantry Cookbook, and Homesteading Simplified

Jackie has been a full time homesteader for over 55 years, gardening, canning and raising livestock as well as writing about what she does. A full time writer, she has written for many magazines including Backwoods Home, Self-Reliance, Mother Earth News, Rural Heritage and The Western Horseman. She also has spoken on canning, gardening and off-grid living at many expos all across the country. She and her husband, Will, live on an off-grid Northern Minnesota Homestead of 160 acres.

Medium jordan green

Jordan Green

J & L Green Farm

Jordan and his wife, Laura, started J & L Green Farm in 2009 to serve the families in their area with clean, healthy meats and bring healing to the farmland they are a blessed to manage. They have built their farm from the ground up and had success in an area many fail in: a first generation farm, direct retail oriented, based entirely on leased land.

Medium timhensley

Tim Hensley


Tim Hensley is a horselogger, farmer, mushroom enthusiast and woodsman who has been in Berea, KY since 1988. He has been marketing their home-grown and wildcrafted mushrooms and managing their well-diversified organic farming operation for around 15 years.

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Medium irena

Irena Hollowell

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

Irena lives at Acorn Community in Mineral, VA, and works at Southern Exposure Seed Exchange (SESE). SESE currently carries over 800 varieties of vegetables, herbs, cover crops, and other plants.

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Medium meredith leigh

Meredith Leigh

Author of The Ethical Meat Handbook

Meredith has worked as a farmer, butcher, chef, teacher, non-profit executive director, and writer, all in pursuit of sustainable food. She is the author of The Ethical Meat Handbook: A Complete Guide to Home Butchery, Charcuterie, and Cooking for the Conscious Omnivore, and the forthcoming Pure Charcuterie: The Craft & Poetry of Curing Meats at Home.

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Medium johnmoody

John Moody

Whole Life Services and Some Small Farm

John is a farmer, homesteader, and leader in the local food movement. He started and has managed one of the largest food co-operatives in the nation. He previously served as the Executive Director of the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund. He is a popular speaker at the Mother Earth News Fair and other events.

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Medium annie blog me news photo

Annie Warmke

Blue Rock Station

Annie Warmke is a goat herder, activist, and often serves as a consultant with individuals and communities on
how to develop sustainable practices. She teaches goat college several times a year in various
locations and is the co-founder of Women Grow Ohio.

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Medium jaywarmke

Jay Warmke

Blue Rock Station

Jay is co-owner of Blue Rock Station, a sustainable living center that features the first Earthship (a 2,200 square foot passive solar home constructed out of garbage) built east of the Mississippi. He is the author of numerous green technology books, including Green Technology: Principles and Practices and Solar Photovoltaic Installer Certification Guide.

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Medium jereme

Jereme Zimmerman

Author of Make Mead Like A Viking

Jereme blogs and speaks regularly on fermentation, mead-making, homesteading and good eating. He is a regular contributor to various publications and websites, including New Pioneer and Backwoods Home magazines. He is the author of Make Mead Like a Viking and Brew Beer Like a Yeti

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