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Annie Warmke Blue Rock Station

Annie Warmke is a pioneer in the sustainability movement and before that, in the battered women's
movement in the early '80's. She is a graduate of Ohio University (Athens, OH USA). To keep out of
trouble during the summers she built Ohio’s first Earthship, a cozy home made from re-used materials
and in the process she discovered the Happiness Factor in life.

Annie is a goat herder, activist, and often serves as a consultant with individuals and communities on
how to develop sustainable practices. She teaches goat college several times a year in various
locations and is the co-founder of Women Grow Ohio. She lives her dream of being a goat herder at
Blue Rock Station with her writer/builder husband Jay, plus lots of interns and critters that
all come together in a way of life she calls “a gift.”


Annie Warmke’s Courses

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Annie Warmke will provide an overview of her philosophy for keeping goats, touching on what to look for when starting your herd, natural goat health, simple remedies for common health challenges, herbal parasite control and the general make-up of a healthy animal. She will demonstrate hoof trimming since it is a major part of goat health. The goal of this course is to gain confidence around goats.


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Join Annie and Jay Warmke as they share how they turned a house made of clean garbage into a living
through planning and hard work, and perhaps a little luck with timing. The basics include how to create a
plan that sustains the work, various ways to create a money stream, and more.

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In Part 2 of her "Goat College" series, Annie shares the keys to maintaining a healthy goat herd.

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Annie and Jay Warmke, Bluerock Station

Philo, OH • March 2020

We visited Bluerock Station, Ohio’s first Earthship, and a cozy home to Annie and Jay Warmke, in Philo, Ohio. Tour their earthship, rocket stove, straw bale buildings, and more!