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Jordan Green J & L Green Farm

In 2001 Jordan apprenticed at the now-famous Polyface Farm. Over his 13 months there, he learned a lot about taking his ideas and dreams to a commercial size through practices honoring both the ecosystem, the animals, and the businesses needed to sustain all.

Jordan and his wife, Laura, started J & L Green Farm in 2009 to serve the families in their area with clean, healthy meats and bring healing to the farmland they are a blessed to manage. They have built their farm from the ground up: fencing, infrastructure, livestock, processing and marketing. They’ve had success in an area many fail in: a first generation farm, direct retail oriented, based entirely on leased land.

In 2016 Jordan started FarmBuilder to serve fellow farmers and those aspiring to be farmers. Fifteen years of farm knowledge with a wider variety of experiences provides him a unique perspective on farm entrepreneurship, starting up operations, developing low input production models, and direct marketing.


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