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Mushrooms in the desert

I've recently moved to Phoenix, Arizona: not the prime climate for mushroom cultivation. However, given the use of a greenhouse and the acquisition of the right kind and size of logs, any idea if the drill and wax or kerf techniques would be transferrable?

Hey Peter, I was just talking to @dan about this, and he said, "I think as long as they get the moisture they need, they’re good (and certain ones will do well in certain temps…like golden oysters fruit with the warmer weather, while the shiitakes that I have fruit in the Fall)." He's going to run it by Tim, though.

Hi Peter! I've reached out to Tim to see what he says, but I'm confident that both methods will work. I did find a couple links from folks in Arizona:



Hey @jeremysmithco and @dan, thank's for the responses. That's exciting to hear. And @dan, I appreciate the links!