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Keep Weeds from Coming Back - Suppression

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Sheet mulching not only helps improve soil, but provides a way to reduce time and labor spent weeding all season long if done properly. 

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Wet or not?

Hi Steaders,
Any specific reason you do not wet down the cardboard when putting it down?
I find it takes a long time to break down if you don't.
Sometimes, when my compost looks a bit "weedy", I put the cardboard on top of the compost, and then cover the cardboard with a woodchip mulch. Any thoughts on that?
thanks a lot for the vids,

Hey friend. Normally, my cardboard is broken down sufficiently that I don't worry about roots pushing through (though, at this point, I don't use much cardboard except in paths on occasion).

If you are having this issue, then cutting holes in the cardboard is a great solution. My only concern with a weedy compost is that you are increasing your seed bank. I personally would want to occulate, solarize, or force germinate and then kill off as much of that as possible, though even more preferable is sourcing or making compost with as low a seed load as possible.

Happy growing! Just got in from planting potatoes and checking on potatoes, carrots, radishes, lettuces, that are in the ground and checking our starts.