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Creating Fertility - Composts

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Soil Stewardship

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Depending on your soil's condition, it will better from properly made and applied compost.  

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How much?

Hi Steaders,
How thick of a layer of compost do you recommend putting down? As I understand from the vid, your compost, with a mulch on top, is basically what you plant into later on. I myself cut slits at planting time in the cardboard and plant through the compost and cardboard into the soil, because I have noticed plants can take a while to grow roots through the cardboard, especially if it was put down dry. Any thoughts?
thanks, Mik

Thickness depends on your soil test results and your compost test results, and the type of compost, if that makes sense. Aka, you need to match what your soil/plants will need with what the compost offers.

For instance, I make four or so types of compost on our farm.

One is a screened, heavy duty compost. One is a screen, mulchy compost. One is an uncreened, heavy compost. One is my worm castings. Which do I use? Depends on the bed, the crops going in, the status of the soil, etc.

I used the screened potting type stuff for top dressing beds that are taking fine crops like lettuces/carrots. The screens high as a handful nutrient supplement for heavy feeders, like ginger, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc.