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Worm Bin Management - Water, Unwanted Bugs and More

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Making Fantastic Compost - Vermi (Worm) Compost

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Lots of things can go wrong in a worm bin.  Proper management is key to preventing problems. 

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To bury or not to bury...

I've always heard that "worms like their dinner on top of their heads." So I was thinking about just laying the worm food on top of the bedding and letting the worms bring it down deeper into their dens.

I realize you'd need some sort of fine mesh screen over top of the bin to keep out flies and mice and such, but I've got a lot of old screen material. Do you think it'd work that way? Or are there other gotchas?

Hey Jeff,
I really don't recommend offering food that is not covered by at least 2 or so inches of material in the bin. Even a fine mesh screen may let bugs and other critters through. The smells it will create will attract larger problematic pests - raccoons, possums, etc.

So, you can still offer the food higher in a bin (I place mine in the top 8-10 inches), but I would keep it covered by at LEAST 2-3 inches of stuff on top. This will speed up its decomposition and also retain more of its nutritional value as well and prevent mold and other types of problematic decomposition.

When I was a kid.... we raised earthworms in large metal tubs, outside, mostly sheltered by the house and under a huge fir tree. We covered the beds with burlap, and fed the worms food scraps by just throwing them on top.....we never really mixed them in. This method worked for us, and we were the neighborhood "go to" for fishing worms! That's my two cents.