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From the Soil Stewardship course.

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John Moody

Whole Life Services and Some Small Farm

John is a farmer, homesteader, and leader in the local food movement. He started and has managed one of the largest food co-operatives in the nation. He previously served as the Executive Director of the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund. He is a popular speaker at the Mother Earth News Fair and other events.

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Learn how to rapidly build soil from low cost or free inputs to produce bountiful crops, from your backyard to a back acre. We will cover together the forces that prevent good soil formation and cause soil loss, how to build soil rapidly, and how to protect and steward it for years to come. A host of skills, strategies, and techniques will be covered, including solarization, weed suppression, compost, cover cropping, incorporating animals in annual spaces, and more.

Homestead Hack

Soil Solarization

Real World Survivor
After overcoming the obstacles that soil building threw at them, the Moody's have found 10 ways to build better soil for an organic high yield garden.