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We’re creating courses in the following topic areas

Alternative Building

Learn alternative construction techniques for homes, outbuildings, and more.

Alternative Energy

Learn how to setup, build and install home alternative energy options.

Annual Gardening

Learn how to plant, grow and harvest annual fruits and vegetables.


Learn how to care for bees, create pollinator habitats and harvest honey.


Learn how to raise and care for chickens.

Food Preservation

Learn how to preserve and ferment food for storage.


Learn how to find, identify and harvest freely-accessible food.


Learn how to raise and care for goats.


Learn how to identify and use wild edible and medicinal herbs.


Learn how to make beer, wine, mead and other ferments at home.

Homestead Design

Learn how to assess and design your own homestead.


Learn how to identify, grow, harvest and prepare mushrooms.

Perennials (Trees & Shrubs)

Learn how to plant, maintain and harvest from trees and shrubs.

Real Food

Learn how to prepare food that is both whole and wholesome for your friends and family.

Soil & Compost

Learn how to heal and care for the living foundation that supports our lives.


Learn how to capture and move water through your landscape.