Alternative Energy

Learn how to setup, build and install home alternative energy options.


There are few things that speak more powerfully to independence than producing your own energy. Learn how to safely generate your own energy from the sun. Reduce or eliminate your dependency on the grid.

The sun is just waiting to be harnessed, and what better time to utilize that energy then when there's no electric energy.  Learn the basics in a step-by-step process of putting together a solar generator, including where to buy the components.  Quiet, efficient, and easy to generators might in your future.  An eBook is available as part of this class.


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DC-to-DC Converters

Learn why and how to use DC-to-DC converters on your homestead.

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Intro to Ultracapacitors

Learn how to use ultracapacitor batteries for non-traditional power storage.


By Don Adams
By Don Adams
By Don Adams
By Don Adams
By Don Adams