We shut down Steader 👋

Steader was dormant for a couple years, but we finally wound down the site. Thank you to all our supporters, instructors, and everyone who bought a course or subscription! ❤️

If you need anything, please contact Jeremy.

Homestead Hacks

P360 goat massage
P360 hoof trimming
P360 milk feed trick

Milk Feed Trick

Learn Annie’s trick for buying yourself more milking time.

P360 hack converters

DC-to-DC Converters

Learn why and how to use DC-to-DC converters on your homestead.

P360 hack hot sauce

Fermented Hot Sauce

How to make a fermented hot sauce in your own kitchen.

P360 hack solar

Intro to Ultracapacitors

Learn how to use ultracapacitor batteries for non-traditional power storage.

P360 hack vacuumsealer

DIY Vacuum Canner

How to build your own vacuum canner for dry canning at home, by modifying a store-bought pressure cooker.

P360 mushrooms mulch
P360 solarization
P360 golf balls